The publishers of Cherche Midi just released a new magazine entitled “We demain”. Its subtitle “a magazine designed to change an epic” sets the tone. This totally new type of quarterly (a beautiful ‘magbook’of 225 pages) is an economical, social, ecological and cultural review which takes a curious and mostly optomistic look on the problems of today and in the future.


CG artist among the 10 future careers presented

We demain“We demain” presents a panorama of 10 future careers and CG artist is included. The article evokes the growing need for CG artists within a number of sectors: architecture, real estate, pharmaceuticles….and explains further that the best CG artists are distinguishing themselves both through their technical and artistic skills.


Another ‘must-read’ in the journal, is a very interesting article (“the living factory”) on CG printers, capable of making objects stemming from our imagination. A research subject since the ’80s, CG printing found its first applications in aeronautics before becoming popular with architects and industrialists.
According to the article, the principal is simple enough (a solidification of polyamide powder, layer by layer, from a simple CG file via a creation software assisted by a computer) and its commercialization will be in two major companies: Sculpteo (France) and Shapeways (US). An article which stimulates the imagination…


The 3rd industrial revolution

Equally at the sommet of number one, a passionate article to decipher the premises and the promises of the “Third industrial revolution,” with an interview by Jeremy Rifkin, American economic forecaster who recently released a book on the subject.


For more information

“We Demain” website
“We Demain” is sold in bookstores and on the magazine’s website for 12 euros.



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