Time’s Down and Aral, 2 films from ARTFX class of 2020, are among the nominees, in the “Outstanding  Visual Effects in a Student Project” category, at the prestigious VES Awards*, the equivalent of the  Oscars for special effects, recently announced by the Visual Effects Society

“Congratulations to our 10 students, as well as those from Pôle 3D, our neighbouring school on our Campus de Lille – Plaine Images near Lille, also in competition. 3 films made in France, including 2 from  ARTFX, out of 4 to represent the best of what was done in 2020 in the world of visual effects graduation  films! Wonderful recognition for our school, of course, and also of French excellence in teaching digital  imagery and the know-how of French professionals, many of whom teach in our institutions”, said Gilbert Kiner, President of ARTFX.

Time’s down

Directed by Yan Weitlauff, Francois Brugalieres, Valentin Soulard, Nils Lemonnier, Jonathan Bacheter – GENIE Awards for Best Student Film at the Paris Images Digital Summit 2021  

A thief twists time to escape from the time police. 

Technique: CGI, MOCAP, Animation, Compositing, FX, Environment, Match-Move, Stockshot – Length: 4’20’’ 


Directed by Benoît Paya, Charles Morhain, Mathilde Dallamaggiore, Cédric Moens de Hase, Aurélien Lemonnier 

Hayes, an American scout, is sent on a mission in the contamination zone of the Aral desert. Our hero soons finds himself up against strange phenomena. 

Technique: CGI, Animation, Compositing, Matte Painting, FX, Environment, Match move, Camera Mapping – Length: 4’53 

The 19th Awards Ceremony, which will be digital this year on account of the health crisis, will be  broadcast online around the world from Los Angeles on 6 April

These 2 nominations bring the number of selections for ARTFX films to 9 since the creation of the VES  Awardsfollowing Voile Noir in 2012, Initium & Runaway in 2014, Korser in 2016, The Endless & Pioneers  of the Universe in 2018 and Terra Nova in 2019, which won the Award that year.

ARTFX Alumni also in the selection 

“Outstanding Created Environment in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project” category
Pauline Lavelle, ARTFX class of 2019 for LOVECRAFT COUNTRY; Tulsa 1921 
Alongside Patrice Poissant, Mohamed Abdou Elhakim and Alan Lam 

“Outstanding Model in a Photoreal or Animated Project” category 
Gérald Blaise, ARTFX class of 2006 for THE MANDALORIAN; Boba Fett’s Ship 
Alongside Jay Machado, Enrico Damm and Ryan Church 

And Michael Balthazart, ARTFX class of 2012 for THE MIDNIGHT SKY; Aether 
Alongside Jonathan Opgenhaffen, John-Peter Li and Simon Aluze 

“Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project” category Hugo Medda, ARTFX class of 2017 for LOVECRAFT COUNTRY; Strange Case; Chrysalis Alongside Federica Foresti, Johan Gabrielsson and Andreas Krieg 

“Outstanding Compositing in an Episode” category 
Simon Rafin, ARTFX class of 2007 for THE MANDALORIAN; The Marshal 
Alongside Nicolas Caillier, SiangKee Poh and Simon Marinof