15 years ago, ARTFX, the school of digital arts in Montpellier, celebrated its first graduates. Thursday, 10 September, in front of a professional jury of alumni, the 67 students of the 2020 class presented their graduation films. Friday, 11 September, they received their diploma.

For the first time in the history of the school, 2 favorites and 2 special mentions were awarded. Following their 5-year cursus, these students are now ready to join the animation and visual effects studios in France and around the world. The students  participated as well in a Job Dating event in Montpellier with around twenty professional studios.

  • Films and students distinguished by the Jury

For the first time in the history of ARTFX, and despite the very special conditions imposed by the covid crisis, 4 films were particularly noted by the jury. Jury’s favorite award for Haru and Moon Keeper ; and the Special mention award for Forgot Your Password and Time’s Down.

  • Companies coming to recruit in Montpellier

Important Looking Pirates (Sweden), Rodeo FX (Canada) Digital District, La CGEV, Mikros, Mikros Animation, Unit Image, FIX Studio, Cube, Fortiche, Mathematic, Supamonks, Xilam (France), Important Looking Pirates (Sweden), Ubisoft Film & TV (UK)… Few foreign companies were able to make the trip in 2020, but they remain attentive to requests from graduates.

“Between 95% and 98% of our graduates are recruited each year within 3 months after completion of their studies” avers Joan Da Silva, the Director of ARTFX School, adding “It is thanks to the network which is enriched over time with new alumni in key positions in the studios and regular meetings between students and professionals”.

  • ARTFX from South to North of the France

To respond to the craze for careers offered by the creative industries and increasing requests from studios, ARTFX is simultaneously opening the doors of 3 Campuses this year:  in Montpellier on September 28, and, for the first time, on October 5th in Enghien-les-Bains (La Villa ARTFX) and Lille, in the heart of the Plaine Images, a district of excellence entirely dedicated to the creative industries. A total of 730 ARTFX students will therefore be hosted on 3 geographically diverse yet complementary sites.

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Gilbert Kiner, President and Joan Da Silva, Director of ARTFX, September 10 in Montpellier

*67 Graduated in 2020

  • Lucas Afanassieff, Paul Carouge, Jean Chevillard, Lucas Michel & Robin Picard for Breach 
  • Tristan Leblanc-Bontemps, Gaspard Lherm, Bastien Oger & Florian Ojeda Diop for Issen Sama
  • Mickael Boixadera, Bastien Garbuio, Raphaël Laffitte, Jonathan Martinez & Renaud Tissandié for L’Orée
  • Mathilde Dallamaggiore, Aurélien Lemonnier, Cédric Moens De Hase, Charles Morhain & Benoît Paya avec David Gomez & Lisa Weber for Aral
  • Gaby Batifol, Manuela Baus, Lucie Engels, Anthony Jung & Matéo Turin avec Ascend for David Gomez & Michael Raux
  • Méry Françon, Sandra Geiben, Sarah Gutierrez & Fanny Verrier for Verlan
  • Arnaud Gaborit, Perrine Gay, Paul Gros, Maxime Pillonel & Elodie Povero, with David Gomez, Joëlle Sadok & Lisa Weber for Lone
  • Zakaria Bouamama, Jordan Laï-King, Antoine Legros, Victor Martinez, Dorian Robert & Stanislas Vincent for The Depths
  • Grégoire Dehame, Julie Durandy, Jean Grandgirard, Christophe Jeudy & Sophie Noël & Joëlle Sadok for Haru
  • Clara Beaugrand, Hugo Bussiere, Jean-Baptiste Caillet, Pauline Camensuli & Hugo Jacquet avec Michael Raux for Clair de lune
  • Manon Mergnat, Florian Ojeda Diop & Clarisse Tronchon with Lisa Weber for Forgot your password
  • Axel Alvarez, Arthur Amanatiou, Léo Cohen, Nicolas Gresland & Maxime Richard with Michael Rault for Moon Keeper
  • Jonathan Bacheter, François Brugalières, Nils Lemonnier, Valentin Soulard & Yan Weitlauff for Time’s down
  • Lee Geertsen & Julien Rippstein, as Technical Directors