For several years, the ArtFx 3rd year students have devored a Motion Comics workshop with me, surrounding the December holidays, just to prove once again that I can be Santa Claus and the boogey all in one…


Motion Comics? What?

Explanation of the text: All the classes, in small groups create trailers of still images based on the comics from our partner, Soleil publishers.
A painstaking task which consists of chosing around 40 vignettes from a particular book (each group works on a different book), cleaning the images, extending them, taking away the text, and doing the rotoscope in preparation for the animation, parallax and FX.


2013 Raw base

Once again, great work and dedication. from the students. They all created coherent stories and some of their trailers were shown during the most recent International Angoulême Festival where we were once again invited by the Soliel team (Benoît Frappat, sales director, and Jean-Luc Istin, collections director).
The trailers are now available online for the viewing pleasure of the general public and comic books authors, who are always delighted about this collaboration.
Discover the trailers created by ArtFx students.


How was this year?

The students had to work on the trailers in radically different ways in terms of images, the adaptation of the story, and the color grading. This allowed them to test new methods in order to optimize the workflow during these intense weeks.
Thanks again to all the participants, and this year’s A-team who accompanied Gregory Hernandez and I on this foreign soil during our time at the 2013 Angoulême festival.


The video journal of 2013 Angoulême Festival


Direction: Gregory Hernandez


The Trailers created by the ArtFx students


2021 (Tome 1) – Les enfants perdus

Swann Chesnel, Léonard Mercier, Guillaume Siadous and Gautier Zahonero.


Cyber (Tome 1) – La colère d’Arès

Étienne Gaulupeau, Marie Tricart and Arnaud Michanol.


Dogma (Tome 1) – Les signes du temps

Paul Mathon, Tielong Mu and Adrien Vallecilla.


Judge Dredd – Mandroid

Quentin Birrer, Ambi Razafintsambaina and Domitille Mellac.


La Mandragore (Tome 1) – Une porte sur l’enfer

Nisa Frigàu, Thomas Nievergelt and Fabien Rosier.


Mjöllnir (Tome 1) – Le marteau et l’enclume

Thomas Normanno, Youssef Nadere and Sébastien Marsais.


Scotland Yard (Tome 1) – Au cœur des ténèbres

Camille Billaud, Tristan Even, Benjamin Gros and Margaux Legall.



[small_button]English version by Danielle Harrell, English teacher for ArtFx[/small_button]