This year marked the 20th Anniversary of FMX in Stuttgart, Germany. Hosted by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in cooperation with the Visual Effects Society, ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics, this conference celebrates and explores the fields of Animation, Visual Effects, Video Games and Transmedia.


For this occasion, Danielle Harrell, Estelle Lagarde and Franck Menigoz were on-site as ArtFx representatives for FMX’s Schools Campus.


Panoramic view of the Schools campus


We manned our prominently placed ArtFx booth (Thanks, Nathalie for choosing a great spot!)…


Franck and Estelle presented ArtFx and their demo reels to crowd of approximately 100 people during in the Fast Forward Education….



…and I attended the first meeting of the Animation Schools Exchange where teachers and representatives from schools in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Costa Rica, Hungary and the United Kingdom shared ideas about how to cross collaborate and provide more systematic international exchange opportunities for their students.

Capturing ideas regarding future exchanges and collaborations.


I also had a chance to met and speak with Yoan Fanise, DigixArts ( who stopped by the ArtFx booth to personally introduce himself and his new Montpellier based Video Game company. We look forward to welcoming his co-founder, Anne-Laure Fanise, at the ArtFx jury this June.
Franck and Estelle’s Impressions of FMX:
This was a very enriching experience.

We had the opportunity to meet people from many different horizons: high school students, college students, professional artists and even representatives from other schools. We also met and spoke directly with professional artists from studios like MacGuff, Mikros, Disney, MPC, ILM and WETA thanks to their participation in the recruitment marketplace.

Finally, there were several conferences and workshops that we found particularly interesting, thanks to their very instructive content (See FMX part 2 for details about these conference.). Whether is was around the secrets of filming or advice for creating and developing a script, each presentation gave us the opportunity to discover new things and to enhance our knowledge.

We would like to thank ArtFx and Danielle Harrell for giving us the opportunity to participate in this event.