ArtFx students are used to the Clermont-Ferrand Festival and its experimental space: L’Atelier. Each year they go there to present the film they’ve made for this occasion. If you are in the area, please stop by and see their film, from the 4th to 8th of February.


2013 l’Atelier theme: Science

Students in the 2nd year at ArtFx created the short film which will be projected during the l’Atelier.
Created over 6 weeks, this short film allows the students to confront realistic production challenges for the first time. This year, the challenges centered around the choice of an aquatic universe.
The film tells the story of a distracted scientist reluctantly working in an aquatic universe peopled with strange creatures.
We can’t tell you more than that for now or else we’ll spoil the surprise for the Festival attendees. The film, and all the details of its creation can be found in seperate article!


L’Atelier at Clermont: The ephemeral cinema school

The International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand is the most important event in the world dedicated to short film. This is where nearly 150,000 attendees and 3,000 professionals come together from around the world.
Each year, during this festival, l’Atelier is the place where cinema and animation schools, VFX studios and institutions working in the image and sound creation worlds present their savoir-faire and the different facets of their field. Lasting five days, the film stage of l’Atelier allows visitors to discover the different steps involved in movie making, to meet with professionals in this field and to learn about different tools and techniques.


L'Atelier - The International Short Film Festival of Clermont-Ferrand

Practical Information

International Short Film Festival of Clermont Ferrand
February 1st to 9th 2013
Clermont Ferrand Festival website


February 4th to 8th 2013
10h-12h & 13h30-17h30
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand
71 boulevard Côte-Blatin
Free Entrance
L’Atelier blog





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