Save the Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012 (9am to 6pm). Come to Montpellier for ArtFx‘s Open House to explore the school, meet the instructors, see film sets, and participate in Master Classes.



Journée Portes Ouvertes ArtFx 17 mars 2012

Portes Ouvertes ArtFx 17 mars 2012



  • Master Classes with Julien Pons, Artistic Director and established Motion Designer based in London:
  • –  10:00 am: Filming studio

    –  11:00 am: Photo editing using Lightroom

    –  3:00 pm: Introduction to texturing on a graphics tablet and demonstration of the Wipeout vessel


  • Continuous live 3-D demonstrations and projections

  • Guided visits of the filming studios and presentations of studio materials: crane, green screen, etc./li>


  • Meetings with the administrative and educational team.






    Open House: Practical Information


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