Digital Molecular Matter: The Pixelux Revolution

ArtFx has developed a partnerships with the Pixelux society which will allow the school to test the “Digital Molecular Matter” (DMM), a simulation system which models the materials of objects so one can divide them into molecules or be able to apply pressure to them and bend them. This is a real revolution, available as a plug-in through Maya and 3ds Max. We are salivating over this…Read More

Animation industry facts & figures

The third edition of ‘Rencontres Animation Formation (Animation Training Conference)’ was held in Angoulême. These meetings allow Animation studios and schools to discuss the state of the profession and the evolution of this field. It is a chance to have frank and direct conversations in a friendly yet advancement-driven environment. This is also an occasion to make note of principal indicators within this sector. Here’s a summary of some of the key figures.Read More

Sound Design: 1 film, 2 versions

ArtFx has recently partnered with the Vancouver Film School (VFS)*. Within the framework of this partnership, students from VFS ‘Sound Design for Visual Media’ department are developing new music and sound scores for three films created by students in their final year at ArtFx*. This occasion has inspired us to talk about sound design with Aurélien Marini*, sound professor at ArtFx. Professor Marini and his students created the original soundtrack for the film “Migration”. He talks to us about it below.Read More