Since coming back to school, the third year students at ArtFx have been working on a compositing exercise. The goal: to create a teaser and a poster for an imaginary feature film which would be the continuation of an existing trilogy. The students must, therefore, use the artistic direction and characters from the previous films.


The green screen filming course

Tournage fond vert - ArtFx


The first step consisted of 3 intense days dedicated to compositing in After Effects with Julien Pons.


Then, course on the theory and practice of green screen lighting with Gilbert Kiner.


The students then worked independently on these techniques before taking an additional green screen practice course with me.
The class is organized like a film crew: electricians, operating director, director, props manager, a CG crew to test and correct errors in the images as quickly as possible.


One position was purposely left out, project manager. This is the person who is constantly motivating and encouraging the crew to be the most effective possible when changing the lighting or the camera angles. This person could be the 1st assistant director, depending on the organization of the project or film, etc.
Why was this position put aside? For the students to feel and experience the dead time, the empty moments, the indecision and waste of time, which is such a precious commodity during a film shoot. Once the need for that role was evident to everyone, I stepped in to fill the gap. Organization and good time management are the essential keys for a successful film shoot. By successful, I mean finishing on time and capturing all the desired shots.



Green screen filming: materials

Tournage fond vert - ArtFx


In addition to 550D and 60D, we have a 5D MarkII and a 5D MarkIII in order to make comparative tests on the images in front of the green screen.
Both are attached to a 24-105 LIS in order to make the best comparison possible.
The results of this comparison are already very interesting, the keying tests will be too, but that will be a different article.


For the moment, the students are finishing up their teaser.
The delivery date is approaching and we look forward to opening this post holiday season package.



Tournage fond vert - ArtFx



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