ArtFx has developed a partnerships with the Pixelux society which will allow the school to test the “Digital Molecular Matter” (DMM), a simulation system which models the materials of objects so one can divide them into molecules or be able to apply pressure to them and bend them. This is a real revolution, available as a plug-in through Maya and 3ds Max. We are salivating over this…


Digital Molecular Matter: functions

Digital Molecular Matter


Contrary to the traditional simulation engines based on the kinematics of rigid bodies, the DMM system has the capacity to simulate numerous phyiscal properties.


The developers can therefore apply physical properties to an object, or just one part of this object, which will react to stimuli and behave like it would in the real world.


To do this, the DMM models the properties of the materials (wood, glass, steel, gelatin, rocks…), and mimics the effects of stimuli (pressure, rupture, heat…) on the molecular material, based on the observed results in the real world.


Thanks to the DMM, we will be able to augment the quantity of debris generated from the destruction of an object and move even closer to the realm of reality!





Digital Molecular Matter


In regards to Pixelux and the applications of the DMM

Founded in 2003 in Geneva, Pixelux is a society of development which works notable with LucasArts Entertainment Company (video games: “Star Wars, The Forces Unleashed”, “Indiana Jones”), Weta Digital Studio (post-production VFX: “Avatar”), Moving Pictures Company (post-production VFX: “Sucker Punch”). Their main goal is to work in the simulation of physical behaviors in computer graphics. The DMM was spotted by LucasArts in 2005 and has since become the flagship product for Pixelux. This technology has been utilized in a number of video games and for an assortment of destruction scenes in films like, “X-Men First Class,” “Source Code,” “Sucker Punch,” and others.


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For more information

>> The Pixelux website
>> The DMM plug-in on Pixelux’s website


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