No one is letting go of this revolutionary tool at ArtFx ! The second year students have been able to test the DMM plug-in in a Dynamics and Simulations course. This provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate another plug-in application to you.


The DMM Pixelux plug-in

For those who are still unaware of the famous Pixelux plug-in, DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) is a simulation system which models the materials of objects so one can divide them into molecules or be able to apply pressure to them and bend them.


The 2nd year students DMM simulation

This plan was created after a course given by Florian Rihn, our Dynamics and Simulations teacher.
The students had to set up an Erlenmeyer flask falling to the ground and break it into several pieces using DMM.
Smoke simulation passes, secondary and tertiary debris was added in order to make the destruction of the object more realistic. The shot was done with Mental Ray using the Lens Shaders.


DMM simulation (Pixelux) – 2nd year ArtFx course on Vimeo.


The students have more than appreciated this tool. Among them, many are impatient to put it to work in their future projects.


For more information

Visit the Pixelux website


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