At Artfx we have an exercise that the 2nd year students “ADORE”, an exercise that “they wouldn’t miss for all the world”, an exercise that “they wait for all year long” (to quote them directly): The Fiction Project.


What is the Fiction Project?

This is a moment for the students to become a director, screenwriter, storyboard artist, camera operator, set decorator, electrician, make-up artist, editor, lighting artist, etc. They are finally able to try their hands at all of these great cinematic fields.


This is the moment for them to put into practice all the theories that they’ve learned up to that point, traditional cinema rules (camera operations, focusing techniques, composition choices), story telling, confronting artistic and technical choices, very often embellished by a large System D. This is a good preparation for their graduation films (in the 4th year).


Fiction Project: 2nd Year Exercise


However, to make this task harder for our students, who you must remember are working towards eventual positions in visual effects and CG animation studios, these films must be created without ANY special effects.
Me, I ‘ADORE’ this project too! 😉
Because when I see the work they’ve produced, I realize that this is much more than an exercise: it is their first short film.


2012 Fiction Projects

Here are 3 of the 16 fiction projects and their making-of videos created by 2nd year students. Promising, no?



Created by Sébastien Carrillo, Alexandre Lemaire, Arnaud Michanol et Guillaume Siadous.



We’re in

Created by Benjamin Blatière, Swann Chesnel, Etienne Gaulupeau, Leonard Mercier et Fabien Rosier.




Created by Marie Tricart, Gautier Zahonero et John Fanny.




[small_button]English version by Danielle Harrell, English teacher for ArtFx[/small_button]