In the fourth year at ArtFx, the courses are often in the form of workshops. During several continuous days, we work on perfecting a specific technique. These workshops are done while the film projects are being made. The Filming Workshop is at the beginning of the fourth year and finalizes the training provided during the three previous years.


The objectives of the Filming Workshop:
  • Train the students on the most complex film materials of the school (crane, steadycam, 5DmkIII) so they can borrow and use them as they need.
  • Verify all the notions of organization (service papers, filming plans, location scouting, permits) and work plans (vocabulary, roles, procedures) are well in place.
  • Prepare for the multiple constraints that they will encounter, especially filming outside in natural lighting.

    Filming Workshop

    Chloé Mesnage, ArtFx student, volunteered to be the actress. Thanks!


    Theoretical Training

    ArtFx students, beginning the first day of their first year, confront the realities of filming: equipment, lenses, sensors, diaphragms, sensibility, shutter, stabilization, lighting, natural lighting, etc.
    The Pixilation, Stop Motion, Fiction, Photo Studio, Miniature, Desperados and other projects are all progressive training experiences for the filming project in the 4th year.


    Filming Workshop

    Filming on the “Miniature” exercise, 2nd Year


    We are not creating camera operators, machinists or electricians, but people who, one day, must set foot in these worlds. And in order to know who to talk to about these areas, know what to say, what to do and most importantly how not to make mistakes, the idea of filming is at the heart of our training program.
    The idea is that our students will have, once they are in this world, a solid understanding of the constraints within this field. Students do not make it to the fourth year without mastering the usage of the DSLR camera.


    Filming Workshop

    Photo Studio, 1st Year.


    Our SteadyCam, the French brand L’Aigle, purchased 2 years ago, is just perfectly adapted to our needs: solid and simple to use. In addition, the manufacturers are very attentive, passionate, and competent. Thanks again to them for the updating our dear steadycam this summer, it came back practically brand new.


    Filming Workshop

    Steadycam training.


    Our craneis American. The concept is simple, this type of material is often heavy and slow to manipulate, but our EasyJiib is very practical. While learning how to use it is easier, actual usage can still be tiring if only because of its weight. But, as I often tell my students: « A good image requires sweat and risk taking ».


    Filming Workshop

    The crane.


    This theory also carries over to preparation of the location: it is expensive to move the entire team in the middle of nowhere for multiple days. Just watch the making-of videos for the Island Keeper, Meridian, Lo Gran Mazel, l’Entrepôt, Terraform, Virus, Get Wild !, Reflecto, Nuisibles (Hey, in fact this is a pretty impressive list of films!! And that’s without mentioning the 5 that are currently in preparation this year or the 3 full CG films that were also made).


    In short, you have to learn how to go about this. This is why we provide training around filming sequences, markings, service sheets, and regulations.
    Our slogan: PPA (Preparation, Preparation, Adaptation)


    Filming Workshop

    Preparation, Preparation, Adaptation.