The great adventure of 12 participants of a compositing and VFX training, conducted in Belgium by ArtFx Training, Technifutur and Mikros Image Liège studio. During their training, the participants decided to create a collective. We are here to tell you more about it.


The F12 collective

Collectif F12


The collective appears on its website as « synergy of twelve artists passionate about images where the diversity of horizons and imagination produces a unique visual experience. ». The result is a heterogeneous and singular artistic universe.


Using individual experience to support the group, they decided to work together to promote their skills in pre-production, production, and post-production.



Training in compositing and VFX to respond to a need in the Belgian market

The 12 collective members met during the training entitled « Techniques of cinema and television: compositing and special effects ».


This training from the Pôle Image of Liège was presented over 6 months. The sponsor of the training is Technifutur. Its pedagogical contents were developed by ArtFx Training. The average techniques and logistics were furnished by Mikros Image Liège (the former WFX).
The training is based around the 8 modules of intensive courses, going from the language of cinematography up to advanced software, and the practical training.


The candidates were selected by the pedagogical team and the Forem (the Employment Pôle of Wallonie), with the final profiles being very heterogeneous, traditional academic courses (Fine Arts, Graphic Design) or selected for their motivation and their artistic talent.


The objective of this type of training is to reinforce the vitality of talents in the Liège region, which suffers from a shortage of qualified technicians capable of being quickly integrated into the production methods.


For more information

F12 collective website
ArtFx Training website
Pôle Image of Liège website



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