Gilbert Kiner has been elected to the post of presidency for RECA, the Network of French Film Animation Schools, for 2014. He is accompanied by vice president Moïra Marguin (Gobelins, Visual Arts School in Paris) and treasurer Fabienne Vansteenkiste (Ensad in Paris).


This association which was established in January 2012, groups together schools that working to provide better communication about the training options available and deeper interactions with the professional world. Its mission also includes advancing the place of French Animation on the international stage, as well as being an intermediary for partnerships between schools, software providers and future employers within this field. There are currently 22 member schools in this organization.


Elected by a vote, the office members, are charged with the co-ordination of RECA’s institutional level actions (commissions and goals).


More and more schools, be they public and private, are join this network and participating in its development. The members are looking to improve communication between schools and promote their valors externally. The visibility of these schools are maximized through the network and they are benefitting from increased volunteers and financial support.

Gilber Kiner will manage the new projects this year. According to him, «RECA is a superbe association that promotes pedagogy in the schools, and that we should work hard to develop in an effort to establish a permanent dialogue with all of the professionals surrounding this field.



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