We are taking advantage of the official release of Amasia to present Golaem Crowd, the crowd simulator from publishers of the same name. Golaem Crowd publishers is an ArtFx partner. This software and its latest package has been used by the Amasia film crew to create around 30,000 characters.


What is Golaem Crowd?

Golaem Crowd is a Maya plug-in that allows one to simulate a realistic crowd with different characteristics based on obstacles or events.
Thanks to it, one can rapidly decide the number of characters, their placement in a scene, their walk cycle, their collisions, and so on.


This software has many assets:


  • The creation of road maps :



  • The creation and integration of customized characters (modeling, shading and animation all defined by the user).


  • The “Asset manager” module allows one a lot of flexibility around modifying characters, their clothes and their distribution even after saving their information in the cache. The control of the cache is therefore very simple and perfectly optimized because Golaem Crowd proposes a cache by frame, which weighs nothing and works quickly. Our hard drives and networks are very grateful!


  • The crowd control is simplified thanks to “Behavior Editor“, a very interesting tool to use and a very powerful tool to create random or organized crowd behaviors.

    Behavior Editor - Golaem Crowd - ArtFx


    Behavior Editor - Golaem Crowd - ArtFx


    Last March, the publisher also added a new package to the software: The Golaem Crowd Character Pack.
    This allows one to create an (almost) infinite number of characters with different details. This character multiplication package marks a real technological advance. It’s important to note that the same crowd effect has always been one of the most fastidious tasks for studios…
    Click here for more information on the character package.


    The Golaem Crowd software works with most render engines: MentalRay, VRay, Arnold, and RenderMan.


    FYI, Golaem Crowd has been used in the HBO series, Game of Thrones.


    Game of Thrones - Copyrights Home Box Office (HBO)


    Golaem Crowd in Amasia

    Golaem Crowd was used in a plane crash scene in Amasia.
    This shot had 30,000 people duplicated in it.
    Olivier Desmons, a student freelancer who worked on the film, created this shot using Golaem Crowd.


    Olivier Desmons, 2013 ArtFx graduate:

    « The tools turned out to be very quick to put in place for this type of shot. The main challenge of this scene consisted of creating walking cycles adapted to the shot in the film, which is to say a shuffled walking style with exhausted characters.


    The number of characters required didn’t present any problems in the end, since we pre-tested and verified the RAM capacity of the machines at ArtFx.


    We chose the render engine Arnold (Solid Angle) for its rendering speed. Using Arnold, we were able to complete each shot, with all the dedicated passes established in Compositing, within 3 minutes per frame. »


    In total, the crowd simulation work required approximately 4 weeks.




    See Amasia’s making-of video and the details of the film on the ArtFx blog.


    For more information about Golaem Crowd

    The Golaem Crowd publisher’s website



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