On June 26th, the annual ArtFx Jury took place. This is a key moment underlining the 5th year students’ graduation.



During this very special day, the graduates have a chance to present their graduation movies and their making-of videos to professionals who come from all over Europe and abroad and to their families and to the other ArtFx students. It’s a bit like a show getting more and more important throughout the years. At the end of the day, the recruiters get the opportunity to meet the graduates during what we call a « speed-dating ».

The graduation short movies

ArtFx students must make their very own short movie during the last year of their studies. The main goal of such a process is to get them to confront the reality of a film production from A to Z. Students gather in small teams and choose a lead student for each group. Some students choose to be « specialists » (freelancers) and get to work on different projects. The students make the entire movie: they create storyboards, they shoot, supervise actors, and work on the post-production effects (tracking, 3D animation, FX and VFX…) before editing the movies.

Numerous post-production companies came this year to discover the movies and to meet the graduates : no less than 27 studios were present !
A few testimonies…
Christian Janicot, author and artistic supervisor, workshop participant at ArtFx

« It’s the very first time that I’m attending Artfx’s Jury Pro this year, and I can say that the movies please me a lot. Some storylines truly allowed me to dive into the films’ fictional universes, hence I would have loved to see more of these movies, to have them lasting longer. I was really curious to see the dynamics during this important day and I can see with great delight that numerous important studios are present. »
Ben Owen, MPC

« It’s the first time that I’m attending the Jury Pro, and I think it’s a great way to discover the students’ graduation movies. This special day’s organization seems perfect to me, it couldn’t get any better. Everything is going like clockwork, smoothly. It’s really entertaining. These movies involved so much work to be done, and not only for the students ! The ArtFx team spends so much energy in the process, I’m really impressed.
This year, I believe the movies are amazing. The storylines and special effects are great. It seems well-balanced, and I’m adamant on the fact that getting the best balance possible between the technical aspect and the storyline is really important.
I’ve been watching the ArtFx graduation movies for years now, but I simply loved to discover them in a movie theater, it was great. The movies have never pleased me so much… Congratulations to all! ».
Lucy Salter and Henry R. Bull, Double Negative

« It was a great day. We had a lot of fun ! The movies’ presentation went well and it seemed so professional. We particularly appreciate the Making-Of’s since they allow us to know the students better, to see who they really are, in a less formal way you know. And of course, they allow us to evaluate the amount of work done on the movies. This year, we believe that the films’ very cinematography was definitely highlighted, and the special effects are outstanding. These movies are beautiful and interesting. When it comes to the students’ skills, well, they’re impressive ! ».
Laszlo and David, 3rd Year students at ArtFx

« It’s such a pleasant day, which unveils the Artfx spirit. There were some moving and emotional moments, we do hope this will never change !
This day is definitely more than what we expected it to be : we are discovering a truly relaxed aspect, we got surprised, it’s just like a show !
The movies we watched are real visual and technical masterpieces. There’s so much realism in some of them that we’re truly happy to see the making-of’s afterwards, they remind us of the special effects and the amount of work behind the scenes. Can’t wait for our Fifth Year ! ».
Christopher Ancel, 2015 graduate, 3D animator on the project Como Hacer La Tempeta

« For me, this past year has been full of surprises, of challenges, of retakes to be done… but I believe everything went quite smoothly ! That’s the essential. For the time being, I just can’t describe my vision upon our movie… Anyway, I think it’s a good film, and I’m pretty pleased since it will be presented right after lunchtime, it’s gonna wake everyone up !
Concerning this special day, I’m prepared for it. It’s the same for the speed-dating. I’m not really stressed. It’s a great day for us, a conclusion to an entire year of intense work…
I already have some projects for the future : I’d like to travel, to discover different post-production studios… We’ll see how the speed-dating goes ! ».