The 2012 edition of the International Melzo File Festival (IMEFF) was from July 2 to 8 in the Milan province. Some of ArtFx student films were part of the competition there. The event was followed by RAI TV, Lombardian channel.


“Meridian” rewarded



The film “Meridian” received the IMEFF award in “Best visual effects” category.


This film was created by Thomas Becker, Jérémie Bouvier, Axel Domenger and Charles Law-Hang, students from the 2011 graduation class.


See the film “Meridian” on ArtFx’s Vimeo channel.


The review by RAI TV

The review of RAI TV about the IMEFF, with images of some of the films creators.
The coverage is in original language (Italian!) and starts at 16 minutes 36 seconds.



Regarding the International Melzo File Festival (IMEFF)


IMEFF 2012Created in 2010, IMEFF is headed by Chiara Boers, Special Effects teacher at the Turin Polytech School, and organized by the Mem Spazio cultural association in collaboration with the Arcadia Cinema (Melzo).


The goal of the Festival is to highlight new formats and experiments in the cinematographic domain. IMEFF put in competition short films which mix digital films and new technologies.


The 3rd edition of the Festival was the opportunity for a name change- The “Film Festival” became the “File Festival” -, and to open up to other media and technologies: multimedia, installations, music, creations for the web, etc.


The 2012 competition theme: “Feeding the planet, Energy for life”.


For more information

Visit the Festival website



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