The ARTFX school offers an Open Day with private and guided tours on Saturday, November 28, 2020, from 10 am to 6:30 pm.

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Go behind the scenes of the creation of digital images! The ARTFX private higher school, in the top 10 of the best creative schools in the world, opens its doors to you to discover the professions and experience the teachings.

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1 hour conference on ARTFX pedagogy and curricula “An excellent training in digital creation professions” led by Joan Da Silva, Director of ARTFX schools and Carine Poussou, Director of Pedagogy; followed by a question / answer period.
1:30 hour private and guided tour. ARTFX teachers and students will be with you to present their school through numerous workshops: Sculpture and Anatomy, 2D and 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Video Games, Programming, Cinema, portfolio advices, Screenings…

◊ A 3,460 m2 campus
◊ 5 training courses and 8 specializations
◊ 6 artistic workshop rooms
◊ 14 computer rooms
◊ 2 film sets with green background
◊ 2 photo studios
◊ 1 editing room
◊ 1 cafeteria
◊ 1 media library

Useful Information: 
The ARTFX Montpellier Campus is located at 95, rue de la Galéra – 34090 Montpellier. The school has a car park accessible only to people with reduced mobility. It is possible to park for free near the school: Rue de la Galéra and Rue Saint-Priest.
Public transportation: 
By tram (trolley):
Line N°1 – Stop Malbosc
Bu bus :
Line 116, stop Malbosc, Euromédecine
Line 24, stop Galéra, Croix de lavit, Malbosc

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😷 Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are asking visitors to wear a mask during the open house. Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at the entrance of the Villa. Please, respect the barrier gestures and in particular keep a minimum distance of 1 meter from the other participants during the visit. If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please defer your visit to the next Open Doors or contact us with your questions. Please note that we will not be able to accommodate more than 30 people simultaneously in the Villa. Consequently, please limit the number of accompanying persons.