All Tim Burton and “Alice in Wonderland” fans, will be happy to know that one of the three great character designer/illustrators of this film attended the comic book festival of Angoulême. Bobby Chiu, Character designer, was there meeting fans and discussing his passion for his field.


A digital artist with a traditional education


Bobby Chiu


For anyone who doesn’t already know, Bobby Chui started his career in Canada, at age 17, creating games for Pixar and Disney. Nowadays, he publishes art books and teaches digital painting at Sheridan College. He also owns an art studio in Toronto: The Imaginism studio.
Having had an education (watercolors, Chinese painting…) more traditional than digital drawing, he likes to work in a different way and with a variety of materials instead of sticking to the canvas. Just the same, when he works on his computer, he uses Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Painter. His favorite tool is ‘Wacom Cintiq 18SX’.








(Re)discover his works

If you are interested in his work, you know that it is possible to find his creations on the CGSociety or Schoolism websites, where you will not only find some of his illustrations but also some tutorials on his coloration techniques.
Below is a quick peek at the talent posessed by Alice in Wonderland’s team of designers: Bobby Chiu , Kei Acedera and Michael Kutsche.

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