Ben Owen and Mathew Ovens from MPC visited ArtFx in March 2015. This visit was inspired by the blossoming relationship they have been building with the school over the past several years.

After the meeting with ArtFx students to discuss work opportunities at MPC, the representatives sat down for a personal interview with us.



What motived you to come and meet with ArtFx students?

We have an extensive history with ArtFx. We have recruited over 65 graduates from here. Personally, I like seeing the quality of the students’ works. MPC is looking for specialized artists who are comfortable working in teams and this is the case at ArtFx. In our studios people move between departments and everyone works together on different projects.



What advice would you give students who want to work in this field ?

First, students should research the studios that interest them and carefully chose the type of work they would like to do. Next, they need to contact recruiter as early as possible. Whenever they have the opportunity to meet professionals, like us, they have to seize the opportunity and ask questions. They should not be timid ! We are very open and extremely happy to welcome students.


How do you see the film industry evolving or changing in the future ?

The film industry will become more global. Each year there are new studio locations. This development will occur even more often in the future. When we first created MPC studios in Montreal there were 70 people. Now there are 500 people there.


What do you enjoy most about working in this field ?

MATTHEW: Working on blockblusters with motivated teams and using state of the art equipment is what really motivates me. This job requires a lot of energy, which is why it’s important to find dynamic teams to work with.


How would you summarize your visit at ArtFx ?

It’s always inspiring to meet and speak with students. They love the work they’re doing and the quality of their work is exceptional. In addition, we were very warmly welcomed. We’ll go back to London with a good appreciation of the students’ works and we’ll look forward to seeing the final versions of their films during the graduation jury event.