Operation ARCHIVES // Classification Level 5: discover all of the ArtFx archives!!


July 2013, Montpellier. Greg (Information Systems Manager) and I are working on putting this year’s films online: miniature creations, conforming videos to Vimeo standards (a fairly challenging task), writing on the blog and Facebook pages, preparing the “Pack Festivals”…


Creation of the vignettes for Vimeo, Youtube etc.

We had just seen a portion of a graduation film that we had been following for 4 years, so we clean-up the presentation, we tested several vignettes, we chose the words with care: we just wanted to give the film the maximum amount of chance, to have the most views possible, not only for the purpose of increasing communication around the school, but also as compensation for the work our former students had done. A sort of “Good Luck on your future endeavors!”.


The "Pack Festival": combination of communication elements in order to register for festivals


It is from here that the idea came: : what about the first ArtFx films? Koda, Ephémère, Amock, Nuisibles and the other Sushis Express films? Of course, someone worked on communication during that epoch as well, but since then? Has anyone looked after these films since then? Has anyone bothered to put them out in the world (on Vimeo or the ArtFx website)?


In fact, no.


So, we thought about this farway time, this space in the far west without deadlines or all advantages of today’s students films (the first film, Koda, was calculated in SD PAL, 720/576, the « HD » of that time!).


The school’s first graduation class had an energy that went all the way to the hoop (like Sushis Express, the first team to film with a Canon 5DmkII that was specially imported from Japan!).


We began with 63 students in 2004, and we will now have 230 in 2014…


From the hard backup disks which had been forgotten in lockers at the bottom of the Armory (our «Holy of Holies» where we put our filming materials)…


From the mpg, dvix, xvid, dv (or all the other exotic format) files that were just waiting to be unearthed and transformed…(The H264 had just been invented).


We prepared to set foot into the unnamed quagmire, throats dry and hands shaking , the word ‘nomeclature’ was rarely used at ArtFx in 2005…


First Motion Capture tests in the ArtFx blue screen studio, today replaced by Salle 8.


To sum up, the challenge had begun: in 3 days, , digging through wheelbarrows of data that had been stored and identifying all the usable video files, compiling the films, creating posters putting or re-putting ALL the films on line, creating an official Vimeo channel and, to put the cherry on top, creating a presentation video using only pre-2010 rushes.


The Code Name for the operation: ARCHIVES.


Vimeo posters created for Operation ARCHIVES.

The result is here:


Channel Vimeo “Archives”


and here:


Site ArtFx, section “Films et Making Of  / Films fin d’études”


With the video “Archives” edited by Grégory Hernandez:



Well, we know that there are some missing.


LesGumes: Impossible to find a completed HD version (however, we have the making of).
Wanted Dead, SuperSoda and Voghoul: are unfinished films – which is really, really unfortunate.


And the quality of a few others are… well… relative…


Koda: we had to steal from the DVD, it was impossible to find the master file.
Ephémère, Le Manoir, Goliath: were the same, we only had encoded versions.


Hoping to have treated these films with all the respect they deserve, we wish you an enjoyable nostalgic viewing and to paraphrase Doc: « I didn’t invent the time machine for financial gain, I invented it to explore time! »



[small_button]English version by Danielle Harrell, English teacher for ArtFx[/small_button]