A new comic book to discover entitled « Scotland Yard : Au cœur des Ténèbres (At the heart of the darkness) », the first opus of a mini-series in 2 volumes. Dobbs, adjunct “ Narrative Systems ” faculty member at ArtFx, is the writer for this. Its imminent release: July 4th under Soleil Editions.


Scotland Yard – Volume 1 : Au cœur des Ténèbres

Scotland YardLondres, 1890. Inspector Tobias Gregson is on the rise at the Yard. But, his career would be accelerated if he wasn’t considered an overly emotional humanist and avant-gardist, and especially if his principle function wasn’t to be the daily stress relief of his superior Lestrade.


As a result of prisoner transfer that did not go as planned, Gregson finds himself in a closet. A reprimand will quickly transform itself into an opportunity for him to finally demonstrate his real value in the eyes of the boss of bosses, the Fix Commissioner.


At the head of an atypical team including a street kid, a former informant for Sherlock Holmes, a psychiatrist with atypical methods and his strange assistant, Gregson is going to make a deal with the devil: cooperate with the London underworld in order to track down two extremely crazy and dangerous characters who have benefited from the fiasco of the transfer operation in order to vaporize. Two lunatics who are going to teach London citizens the meaning of the word terror.


At their sides, take your turn diving into the heart of darkness…


Writer : Dobbs
Drawing / Colors : Stéphane Perger
Publisher : Soleil, Collection 1800


Discover the 9 preview boards of « Scotland Yard : Au coeur des Ténèbres » on BD Gest.


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