Do you know about the pinhole camera?
François Vogel recently wrote a book dedicated to this subject. Below is a review from ArtFx.


The pinhole camera technique

The name ‘pinhole camera’ is a clear description of this object.It is pretty much a camera without a lens, often made from found materials – cardboard and tin, for example. Light passes through a small hole in this ‘camera’ and imprints an image on the negative positioned at the bottom of the box or can. It’s a rudimentary design, far from the usual technological one-upmanship. And the results can be (very) surprising.


François Vogel novel


© François Vogel


The book “Nouveau traité du sténopé” by François Vogel has just been published in a bilingual edition. A story of the devices, their shapes, bends and negative distortions used to create distorted images.


There is also a significant amount of space dedicated to photos and the works of Francois Vogel, who is a veritable image craftsman. Currently he is working as a film director and he has remained passionate about images and their manipulation.


This book is a great way to explore his early work and to witness the first signs of his future video achievements.







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