First year ArtFx students have made miniatures that are being used to create special effects sequences. Come with us, behind the scenes, to explore this process.


The creation of the models

Each class of first year students at ArtFx is required to create a miniature during the first trimester. This year, the themes are very diverse: a castle, a base on Mars and a section of a futuristic race track inspired by a famous video game. Pierre Lergenmuller is educational coordinator and referential teacher for these projects.





The spirit of the project

This year, a third year student is incorporating the miniatures into final scenes. This responsibility involves managing the addition of scenery, characters and/or the integration of images, atmospheric elements, etc.

The pressure is therefore intensified for everyone: first year students are working for a third year director and the third year director must give clear instructions, and figure out how to work with the project leader in order to properly convey information about the intended lighting, camera movements, etc.


The techniques


To film these scenes, we have brought out the ‘heavy artillery’: 10 to 16 mandarins to maximize the depth of field, a crane and a steady cam to create beautiful camera movements, the green screen, clouds of trackers, a smoke machine and several pages with various measurements for the stages of layout and 3D tracking.





Next steps…


This experience has enormously motivated all our students. The first phase is finished – all the scenes are in the box – the second phase, filming, is beginning and we are excited to see this moving forward.







Photos of the film shoot

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