As a recent ArtFX partner, The Foundry sent Jordan Thistlewood to attend our graduation event on June 21st. It’s only natural that The Foundry shows interest in what our students have done with their software, right?

Jordan already came to visit ArtFx last January to present Hiero and Nuke 7 features to our graduating students, remember ?

Well, Jordan did not regret coming back to attend our graduation event, and the pleasant Mediterranean weather was not the only reason. Like most of the professional jury members, the movies he saw globally impressed him. A few days after his return to London, we were delighted to hear that The Foundry wanted to congratulate all the graduates for the quality of their work.

Almost all the shots were composited with Nuke. After Effects was used as a side tool for all the motion graphic work. The textures for Initium and Runaway were all painted using Mari. Quentin Medda, of the Runaway project, wrote an article talking about his experience with Mari.his experience with Mari.


Adding action to words, The Foundry offered our recent graduates 6-month licenses of their four leading tools: Nuke, Mari, Hiero and Modo (their latest tool to come out of n°5 Golden Square, The Foundry’s headquarters.


We at ArtFx are very happy about that, but not as much as the students.

Well….. they are actually professionals now! I guess I’ll have to get used to that.