We had the pleasure of welcoming Jordan Thistlewood, a representative from The Foundry. This was the first visit for ArtFx and were particularly honored by it.
Below are highlights from this meeting.


Partnership The Foundry – ArtFx

It is within the framework of our partnership with The Foundry that Jordan Thistlewood came to the school to see where the ‘impressive films’ (to quote him and his team) were made.
His visit was also an opportunity to meet the 4th year students and talk with them about the field and the new tools available through the Foundry.


Jordan Thistlewood - The Foundry


A meeting-debate about Nuke 7

During this conference-debate, in English of course, Jordan presented the principle differences found in Nuke 7 : the Model Builder, the new 2D Tracker, the ReLight node and a few other significant improvements.


Nuke 7 - New Tracker 2D - © The Foundry

The new 2D Tracker in action.


Bonus: A demo of the Hiero software!

Jordan Thistlewood also gave us a demonstration of the Hiero software, a tool that is particularly effective in linking three different filming steps (be it a short or feature film or commercials): the editing, the rigging and the color grading.
The students were definitely seduced by this tool.
For me, having tested this tool last summer, I was already convinced of the benefits this tool would bring. In summary, it saves an enormous amount of time in eliminating a number of repetitive and laborious tasks.
It is always more interesting to spend time focusing on the creation of images, so automating as many repetitive tasks as possible is a constant goal.


The Foundry buttons: the other stars of the day

The Foundry - ArtFx  © ArtFx


A (somewhat) unexpected, yet no less exciting part of the day that was very well received: the ‘goodies’.


Jordan took out an A4 sized envelope filled with buttons for each of the different tools provided by The Foundry.
This incited a slight frenzy among the students…


Happily, there was plenty for everyone, and even enough for the students in the 3rd year!


Each student , in his or her own way, has been displaying the ‘trophies’ on the computers.


Since this year schedules won’t allow the 4th year students to visit The Foundry during their upcoming London trip, Jordan agreed to help us to arrange a tour for next year’s graduating class.
It seems the 3rd year students will once again reap some of the benefits of The Foundry’s visit!


The Foundry - ArtFx  © ArtFx



[small_button]English version by Danielle Harrell, English teacher for ArtFx[/small_button]