For the project « The Island Keeper », ArtFx students – Audes Cabannes, Charlotte Pipet and Julien Malot – used the DMM Pixelux plugin.


DMM: a little reminder about the plugin

We discussed this in an article a few weeks ago.
La DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) is a simulation system which models the materials of objects so one can divide them into molecules or so one can apply pressure to them and bend them.


Our partnership with the Pixelux society, creator of the DMM plugin, allowed us to test this small revolution with our students, notably with the group who created « The Island Keeper » (you can see this student film on the Vimeo website).


DMM in « The Island Keeper »

Digital Molecular MatterThe challenge of the shot was to create the destruction of a small boat in a realistic way. This boat had to crack under the pressure of the island guardian’s jaws.


The DMM plugin was the perfect tool for this simulation because the boat was wooden and wood splinters are very difficult to create manually.


Once the animation of the monster was finished, the simulation was put in place by Brice Lehman, one of our graduating student freelancers, and validated by the film crew. Florian Rihn, our “Dynamics and Simulations” teacher supervised the operation.


The simulation of the video

“The Island Keeper” & DMM (Pixelux) from ArtFx on Vimeo.


It’s a sure bet that this shot has generated envy among all of our students and that it has motivated them to push this type of effect even further…


For more information

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