The Digital Creation GENIE Awards 2021 were presented on Wednesday, January 27, at the Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains, as part of the Paris Images Digital Summit.

During the awards ceremony which has just been broadcast live-stream, 5 directors from ARTFX’s class of 2020, the school’s 15th anniversary, won the 2021 GENIE Awards for Best Student Film for Time’s Down.

Time’s down

A thief uses time manipulation to escape the time police.

A film directed by Yan Weitlauff, François Brugalières, Valentin Soulard, Nils Lemonnier, Jonathan Bacheter.

: 4’20’’. Techniques used: CGI, MOCAP, Animation, Compositing, FX, Environment, Match-Move, Stockshot. Softwares  Maya, Arnold, Houdini, Nuke, Substance Painter, Blender,Adobe Suite, Da Vinci Resolve 

“The mission of ARTFX since its creation has always been to prepare the digital artists of tomorrow. 95% of the young people we train find a job within 6 months to 1 year after leaving school. This is evidenced by the Time’s down team, whose 5 members, who graduated last September, have already been recruited. And we are pursuing this ambition with the opening of our film curriculum, towards a new approach to its professions in line with international creations, at the start of next school year,” underline Gilbert Kiner, President and Joan Da Silva, Director of ARTFX schools.

“We are particularly proud of this award, which is the second for ARTFX students at the PIDS, after the one awarded to Endless in 2018. What’s more, for a film made under the constraint of the pandemic, which complicated its production process and forced students to find new ways of working. This award reinforces ARTFX’s global recognition in the field of special effects, enshrined in a previous VES Award in 2018 and The Rookies 2020* ranking,” they add.

The Film’s team

  • Yan Weitlauff (director, FX technical Director, concept Mecka, CFX, Compositing, VEX / Lighting, Lookdev, Procedural Modeling, Python) is FX TD at Important Looking Pirates VFX Stockholm.
  • Valentin Soulard (Set Dressing, Camera, Lighting, Environment, Texturing, Compositing) is Lighting & Compositing Artist at Digic Pictures Budapest.
  • Nils Lemonnier (MoCap Manager, Animation, Programming, Sculpt, Rig) is Animateur 3d at Important Looking Pirates VFX Stockholm.
  • Jonathan Bacheter (modeling, environment) is Animation Modeler, 3D Artist, 3D Generalist à DWARF Montpellier
  • François Brugalières (Lighting, Compositing, Environment, Sculpt, Texture, Programming, Rendering) is Lighting Artist at Jellyfish Pictures Londres.

“Time’s Down has been imagined as a 4’20 adrenaline and action-packed 4’20; a frantic and humorous chase in a universe inspired by the concept arts of Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell,” explains the film team.

“We used cutting-edge technology for the filming, one of the highlights of our ARTFX school, including a MoCap Xsens (The Foundry Team) motion capture suit to capture the actor’s gestures in 3D on the computer. The filming was entirely shot against a green background, in the school’s premises on our Montpellier Campus “.

Exclusive broadcast of Time’s Down on Tuesday, February 2

The film, its making-of and the actor’s interview will be available free of charge during the ARTFX 2020 graduation film previews on Tuesday, February 2 at 1pm and 9pm:


A second GENIE Awards 2021 that delights the ARTFX team

ARTFX’s 2006 alumni, Emilia Napame Lead VFX Supervisor at CGEV, also received, with Alain Carsoux and Aurélie Lajoux, the GENIE Awards for Best Visual Effects for a TV fiction on The Revolution (TV Series – Netflix).

“I am also particularly pleased with this prize awarded to Emilia. She is one of my very first students and she has become a brilliant professional” commented Gilbert Kiner, founder and President of ARTFX. “Emilia was one of the members of the year-end jury for the class of our 15th anniversary last September. I would like to thank her for her loyalty to ARTFX and congratulate her on this award and her career path”.


ARTFX is a private, independent school founded in 2004 in Montpellier by Gilbert Kiner and passionate professionals from the film industry. It trains young talents in 2D or 3D animation, cinema, special effects, video games and programming. ARTFX is at the heart of innovation by combining new technologies and traditional know-how.

It is a founding member of the RECA (network of French animation schools), which today includes 28 schools that are recognized by the professional community in France and abroad.

In full development to meet the craze for careers in the creative industries and the growing demands of studios, ARTFX opened in 2020 simultaneously a new Campus in Lille – Plaine Images and a school in Enghien-les-Bains, near Paris. A total of 740 ARTFX students are thus hosted on 3 sites.

The school boasts a professional integration rate of 95%. 610 alumni are currently employed, including 70 % internationally. Their names can be found in the credits of productions such as Gravity, Les Minions, Star Wars episode VIII, Ready Player One, or The Lion King.