The Mediterranean video vignettes were established in 2011 out of the Cinemed Festival and ArtFx School’s mutal desire to collaborate. The idea was to make brief videos, vignettes, which would be presented during the festival.


The principle of the vignettes

Each year, these brief video interludes have certain constraints, but in general leave the students a lot of creative freedom.
Students are always free, for example, to chose their own story and whatever techniques they want to use for these videos.
virgules-cinemed-2012Each student develops his or her own vignette and chooses the techniques based on his or her speciality or preferences. These techniques range from live-action footage, sand drawing via stop motion, and pixilation to CG and traditional animation. Sometimes, the vignettes even feature a combination of these techniques!


The only constraints that are imposed are around the length (exactly 10 seconds), the usage of the soundtrack provided by the composer Christophe Héral, the ongoing objective (to be presented at the Cinemed Festival) and the theme (Mediterranean).


The creation of the vignettes

The work begins in the month of January, once the soundtrack has been delivered. At that point, 3rd year ArtFx students are focused on accomplishing this task. They start with a concept which is presented to the project’s faculty advisors.
After diverse feedback, and sometimes several adjustments, the fabrication of the videos begins. The students have approximately one month to finish their vignette. Afterwards, there is a projection for Hubert Corbin, a Cinemed Festival member, who makes his selection from all of the videos presented. In the end, there are 10 vingettes selected and projected just before the film sessions during the Festival.


The 10 vignettes presented during the 2012 Cinemed


CINEMED2012 from ArtFx on Vimeo.


  • Un saut dans l’e (A jump in E) by Benoît Grynberg.
  • O’ballet by Roman Dumez.
  • Play-mobile by Alexandre Dechel.
  • Aviron (Rowing) by Jérôme Catayée.
  • Vestiges méditerranéens (Mediterranean ruins) by Adrien Lambert.
  • La Ruée vers le festival (The rush towards the festival) by Fabrien Kretschmer.
  • Un trésor à la mer (A treasure in the sea) by Maxime Servoise.
  • Papyrus by Gaëlle Séguillon.
  • Ciné Comédie (Comedy Place Movie) by Ludovic Frégé.
  • Vogue ! by Benjamin Barbelet.

    Also projected during the 2012 Cinemed festival

    Get Wild ! (a 2012 graduation film), was presented during the Panorama selection. I introduced this series of films.
    Globably, it was a very eclectic group: B movies, comic tragedies, Get Wild !, digitally enhanced films with very beautiful images. Still, all the films were interesting in their own right and fully deserved this attention. It was a great event.



    [small_button]English version by Danielle Harrell, English teacher for ArtFx[/small_button]