Using virtual reality for film productions is becoming more efficient and widely used. It helped, for example, the production of the film The Walk which was developed on a budget of 35 millions.



The New York from Philippe Petit’s time was recreated in CGI and used during the filming. On the set, it was possible to see two different monitors. The first one showed the actual screen from the camera and the second one showed the same shot at the same time within the CG environment. Using this method saved a lot of time and enhanced the quality because it helped the crew see the
final image in real time.


Crédit photo : Dominique Brewing and Peter Hacker


Thanks to virtual reality, the crew could see all the mistakes to avoid and improve the quality of each shot before post-production.


Crédit photo : Dominique Brewing and Peter Hacker


This method was also used on Jungle Book. I found this interesting because it provides tips around how to match the lighting on set to the CG environment.
They made 360 degree pictures from the CG environment with all the intended lighting and then transferred those pictures onto an Ipad. Once it was in the Ipad, it was possible for them to see the
CG environment of the jungle in a “3D space”. When the crew was on the set, they were able to take the Ipad and check, for example, the position of the sun and see if the lighting was coherent on set.It is a kind of tool really useful when you know that all the environment of Jungle Book was made in CGI. Obviously, on this type of film, you need virtual reality on set because otherwise you can’t be focus on what are you “really” filming. It’s a different way of thinking because you have to adapt the live action of some shot to the CG and not the opposite.


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Want to try out 360 degrees of virtual reality?  Try it on your phone or tablet with the application


from Youtube: (if you are on your computer, you can move the video with your mouse).


Here is the same video which shows you what a 360 degree picture looks like


Crédit photo : Dominique Brewing and Peter Hacker


Virtual reality is getting better and better every day as Kevin Margo, Independant Filmmaker & Director, can show with his film Construct. It is possible to change actors and environments in CG in real time.


The progression of this technology will clearly change the vision and workflow for all filmmaker in the future. Even if it is not new from this year, it’s still impressive to see rendering images in real time on a camera. There is shading, texturing and lighting directly on your screen when you’re shooting. It’s mean also more pre-production and built a lot of asset. As a CG artist, it’s mean for sure a lot of job to do in the future.


We push all the time the realism of CG environment and it’s more and more used. I hope that this technology will help any filmmaker to understand any imaginary world and use it to make better shot.



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