This is underway at ArtFx. Here are some photos and a preview of the film’s details.


The “Voile Noir” project has begun and ArtFx students have already spent two days filming outside the school. Without giving too much away about the project, I can tell you that focuses on an aircraft. The cockpit was even specifically built to accomodate an actor inside.



Adjustments of the crane movement

A blue screen and trackers have been engaged. The trackers are helping communicate the crane’s real-live movements to the CG camera. This information will be used to manage how photorealistic images of the aircraft are added around the actor. By using a blue screen and keying the students can isolate the pilot and put a CG sky and the rest of the aircraft behind him in the place of the originally filmed background. The compositing work will link these elements together in a realistic way.




Images from the film shoot

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