Saturday 5th of April was the open door day at ArtFX. It’s the perfect moment for our students and team to show all the hard work of the previous year.
But also to host different live event, workshops. One of them was recorded for those who could not make it this day. It’s the DSLR workshop, on how to shoot a model from A to Z, shooting to retouching. 
I’ve been teaching in this school for 7 years now, and it’s always a great pleasure to let people get a sneak peek of what a lesson at ArtFX looks like. Future students (and their parents) attended an hour crash course on DSLR shooting; for a little bit more than an hour.
I’d like to thank:

  • Delphine Moll, the make-up artist of the day (and our fine art teacher) for the perfect result
  • Amélie Sylvaine and Lola, students, for their patience
  • Greg Hernandez for the technical support: recording 2 cameras, sound and tethered real time capture from my camera to the TV!
  • Hugo Guillemard for the close up shots
  • And all the people who survived this hour of hardcore photo-geekiness!


How sit back, relax, and switch on HD if you’ve got enough bandwith!