Alien: Covenant

The crew of the starship Covenant, bound for a planet deep in our galaxy, discover what they think is an untouched paradise. In fact, it is a dark and dangerous world, hiding a terrible threat. They will try everything to escape.
Nos alumni au générique
  • Jérôme Foucout
    Digital Compositor
  • Arnaud Havart
    Matte Painter
  • Guillaume Berthoumieu
    Matte Painter
  • Marc Menneglier
    Lookdev Artist
  • Ludovic Fregé
    Digital Compositor
  • Emeric Larochette
    Lookdev TD
  • Chloé Mesnage
    Lighting Artist
  • Michanol Arnaud
    Lighter / Compositor Artist
  • Emeline Doumange
    Digital Compositor
  • Marie Tricart
    Matte Painter
  • Loïc Resplandy
    FX TD

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