Master (MA) in 3D & VFX

The only job
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5-years Master (MA)

The Master (MA) in 3D & Digital Special Effects prepares high-level artists and professionals to acquire all the skills required to join the most prestigious studios in France and internationally. Through practice and teamwork, each student acquires the expertise required to produce 3D & VFX in feature films, such as creating sets and atmospheres and placing 3D inserts. Creating a capstone film allows students to choose their preferred specialization, from conception to post-production, to shooting and 3D production, to guide their future career.

Post high school level admissions
  • Apply directly with the school
  • Tests + portfolio + interview

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Lille or Paris

1 class of 25 students is created yearly on each site


Courses in French 🇫🇷
and in English 🇬🇧

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A professional State-accredited title

Awards the title of “digital producer” (lev.7, equivalent 5 year degree), registered in the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (national directory of professional certifications) on 14 September 2020

The academic year runs from October to June

The Master’s in 3D & Digital Special Effects is a 5-year program designed to train professionals with a solid understanding of visual effects and an excellent technical level. Students can effectively work as soon as they leave school, and are able to anticipate and adapt to future technological developments and eventually supervise a team. During their studies, students complete at least one six-week internship and enjoy masterclasses from partner studios. In the 5th year, they create a short film with special effects which is screened to a jury including industry experts.

Year 1 The basics

Like all courses, the 1st year consolidates the basics and confirms the choice of orientation. Building on English skills.

Basic art skills

Observation drawing, figure drawing & anatomy, perspective, sculpture, colour & light

Cultural development

Creativity, storytelling, image grammar, photography, screenplay, film and video game culture

Workshops to explore professions

Directing, 3D modelling, matte painting, programming, storyboard, 2D animation, charadesign, video games

Collaborative and individual projects

Year 2 Orientation

One year to choose your area of activity.

Visual development

Concept art, character design, anatomy, figure drawing, sculpture

Directing and storytelling

Screenplay, storyboard, storytelling, image grammar, photography, film culture

Professional workshops

Production, 3D computer generated images, 3D animation, green screen filming, compositing, real time, visual effects, image and sound editing

Making a short film

Year 3 Specialisation

A year to refine your choice of specialisation. Teaching in English.

Visual development

Concept art, character design

Mise en scène et storytelling

Screenplay, storyboard, layout, shooting

Professional workshops

FX Houdini, 3D environment, compositing, tracking, 3D Procedural, character modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, effects, programming, management

Making a short film with special effects in a team

Year 4 Professional program

A foot in the world of work.Teaching in English.

Production of a demo professional reel

Specialised workshops

Lighting, Look Dev, compositing, tracking, FX Houdini, 3D environment, calibration

Management of projects and of teams

Masterclasses with partner studios

Internship six weeks minimum in studio

Year 5 Production

Carrying out your professional project.

End-of-studies project

Creating and making an end-of-studies short film with special effects

Coaching in English

Presentation to a professional panel

Professional meetings

Job Dating

Learning objective

Nowadays, you only have to watch a film or a series to appreciate special effects.
Behind every shot is a team of artists and technicians.
The ARTFX school is known by all the major VFX studios across the world for the quality of its teaching and the excellence of its students.
Studying at ARTFX gives you every opportunity to train for a highly sought-after profession and to forge an exciting career path.


  • Any high school degree OR art foundation year
  • Parallel admissions are possible in 2nd and 3rd years
  • Your level will be evaluated during the admission session to assess your orientation.

Tuition fees

Years 1 to 5 :


Software used

  • Zbrush
  • Maya
  • Arnold
  • Clarisse
  • Houdini
  • Substance Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • SynthEyes
  • Affinity Photo
  • Mari
  • Nuke

Careers and occupations covered

•Special Effects Supervisor
•FX Artist
•Compositing Artist
•Rigging Artist, Matte Painter
•Environment Artist
•Lighting-rendering Artist
•Concept Artist, etc.

Production samples

Talent display


ARTFX has taught me how to work in a team, how to tackle projects, and how to communicate and receive constructive feedback.
I was lucky enough to be hired before I’d even finished my degree.
Within a year, I joined the One of Us studios in London to work on the ‘Matrix 4’ film. And now I’m at Industrial Light & Magic!

Cédric Moens de Hase CG generalist Industrial Light & Magic – Class of 2020

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