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Artistic foundation class

The ARTFX foundation class offers students an opportunity to develop their artistic disciplines after high school, with the aim of consolidating their choice of orientation and facilitating preparation for entrance exams to the most prestigious creative schools, including ARTFX. The foundation year allows them to build a solid portfolio, reflecting their artistic merits and personality. Guided by the school’s teachers, students will learn the basics (notably drawing in all its forms and art history), while experimenting with the practical skills of the occupations studied at ARTFX: 2D animation, special effects and video games.The foundation year aims for students to demonstrate their artistic talents, develop their creativity and curiosity, learn working methods, gain self-confidence, build a portfolio and mature their choices of orientation among the creative industries

Admission baccalauréat
(secondary school leaving qualification) level
niveau Bac
  • Exclusive of Parcoursup: you apply directly to the school
  • Tests + creative folder + interview

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🇫🇷 Course in French only

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The academic year runs from October to mid-June

The foundation year in art allows students to strengthen their artistic techniques and their general knowledge, as well as their business English. Students will be taught a lot in the year, and must be highly dedicated within and outside the school. Visits to exhibitions, cinema and theatre trips, reading, etc. are all essential activities for students to improve their artistic knowledge.

Year 1 The foundation year


  • Creative workshops: figure drawing, sculpture, sketching and illustration, spatial drawing and perspective, painting and colour, art history and anatomy, writing and image grammar.
  • Creativity and general knowledge
  • Individual monitoring
  • Business English


  • Introductory workshops: Developing an artistic world, comics, character design, storytelling, video games
  • Contemporary culture: meetings with professionals, exhibitions, conferences 
  • Text and image analysis, psychology, semiology, communication
  • Monitoring and drafting of personal portfolio
  • Speaking/presentation

Learning objective

By developing their practical and theoretical skills and receiving individual monitoring, the ARTFX foundation course opens the doors to the main international animation and video game schools, in particular the RECA (network of French film animation schools) of which ARTFX is a founding member.
At the end of the foundation year, students will have built a solid portfolio, which they are able to defend orally in front of a jury.
They will also have a clearer idea of their orientation.


  • All types of baccalauréat (secondary school leaving qualification)
  • The art foundation year is an ideal transition between high school and the first year of a Master’s cycle.
  • Your level will be evaluated during the admission session to offer you the appropriate orientation.

Tuition fees

€5,800 (excluding enrollment fees)


Type of software used in class

  • Affinity Photo

What happens after the ARTFX foundation course?

At the end of the ARTFX foundation course, you will be fully equipped to continue your studies at ARTFX or to join a creative school.

Work by our foundation students

Work and progress


Joining the foundation class helped me consolidate my artistic foundations, which were not very well developed after studying science in high school. I discovered new techniques and working methods. The workshops (which allow us to work on the same project for a week) reassured me about my orientation, as I realised that I prefer 3D animation to 2D. This foundation course has confirmed my ambitions and my skills so that I can move on to the first year smoothly.

Adèle Deschamps Student at ARTFX Montpellier who undertook the foundation course

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