Art Foundation Preparatory Year (French only)

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Art foundation class

The ARTFX preparatory class offers students an upgrade in art disciplines after high school, with the aim of consolidating their choice of orientation and facilitating the admission exams to the most renowned creative schools, including ARTFX.

The preparatory year allows them to build a solid portfolio, that reflects their artistic qualities and personality.

ARTFX professors guide students throughout their learning of the fundamental subjects (especially drawing in all its aspects and Art History), while they experiment with professional practices such as 2D or 3D animation: 2D or 3D animation, special effects and video games.

  • Apply directly with the school
  • Tests + portfolio (optional) + interview

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🇫🇷 Course in French only

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The academic year runs from October to May

The art foundation year allows students to strengthen their artistic techniques and their general knowledge, as well as their professional English. Students must be truly dedicated. Visits to exhibitions, cinema and theatre trips, reading, etc. are all essential activities for students to improve their artistic knowledge.

Year 1 Art Foundation Year


  • Creative workshops: figure drawing, observation drawing, sketching and illustration, space drawing and perspective, color and light, art history, anatomy
  • Creativity and general culture
  • Professional English


  • Introductory workshops: comics, character design, storytelling, video games, traditional animation, sculpture, digital painting
  • Contemporary culture: meetings with professionals, exhibitions, conferences 
  • Text analysis, psychology, semiology, communication
  • Personal portfolio production and follow-up
  • Speaking / presentational skills

Learning objective

The ARTFX art foundation program opens the doors to the main international animation and video game schools, in particular to the RECA (network of French film animation schools) of which ARTFX is a founding member.
At the end of the foundation year, students will have built a solid portfolio, and learned to present it orally to a jury. They will also have gained a clearer idea of their orientation.


  • Any high school degree
  • The art foundation year is an ideal transition between high school and the first year of a Master’s cycle
  • Your level will be evaluated during the admission session to guide you into the appropriate orientation

Tuition fees

Foundation year


Type of software used in class

  • Affinity Photo

What happens after the ARTFX foundation course?

At the end of the ARTFX foundation course, you will be fully equipped to continue your studies at ARTFX or to join a creative school.

Art foundation students projects

Works in process


My year of preparatory school allowed me to discover several techniques that I had never dared to explore before, such as watercolor, acrylic... Observation drawing helped me to refine my graphite pencil technique. The prep school also introduced me to the creative workshops, which culminate in the realization of a project in one week on a given subject: it really motivated me to work.

Adèle Deschamps Student in the art foundation course

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