Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

A year has passed since Kylo Ren killed Supreme Leader Snoke and took his place. Though largely decimated, the Resistance is ready to rise from the ashes. Rey, Poe, Leia and their allies prepare to fight again. But they will have to face an old enemy: Emperor Palpatine.

Nos alumni au générique
  • Simon Rafin
    Lead Artist
  • Arthur Bayard
    Generalist Environment Artist
  • Guillaume Hoarau
    FX TD
  • Brice Lehmann
    FX TD
  • Ludovic Frege
    Digital Compositor
  • Julien Dubusset
    FX Animator
  • Jérôme Foucout
    Digital Compositor
  • Antoine Goncalves
    Texturing & Lighting Artist
  • Michael Havart
    Digital Envionment Artist
  • Alban Kasikci
    Digital Compositor
  • Adrien Lambert
    Senior Generalist Artist
  • Maxime Marline
    FX Artist
  • Alice Pepujol
    Digital Compositor

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