Super Mario Bros

While trying to repair an underground pipe, Mario and his brother Luigi, both plumbers, find themselves plunged into a new fairytale world through a mysterious conduit. But when the two brothers are separated, Mario embarks on a thrilling adventure to find Luigi.

In his quest, he can count on the help of the mushroom Toad, an inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the wise advice on combat techniques of Princess Peach, the determined warrior who heads the Kingdom. This is how Mario manages to mobilize his own forces to complete his mission.

Nos alumni au générique
  • Julien Trouchet
    Compositing Supervisor
  • Mickaël Boixadera
    Environment Artist
  • Perrine Gay
    Environment Artist
  • Kenza Chehadi Fonderflick
    Recruitment Coordinator
  • Romain Peron
    Crowd Animator
  • Pauline Camensuli
    Character Surfacing Artist
  • Valentin Tuil
    Lead Compositing
  • Tristan Even
    Animation Technical Supervisor
  • Akriti Bacha
    Technical Director
  • Jean-Edouard Marconnet
    Houdinin Environment Artist

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