Master's or Bachelor's Degree in Film & video game Programming

Become necessary
on film and video game projects

1 or 3-years training

In studios, the programmer is an indispensable link in the production chain.The job requires a balance between technical rigour and creativity.
Nowadays, the technologies used in video games and special effects cinema are converging more and more. Both sectors are recruiting experts in effects and software engineering. A programmer’s skillset is one of the most sought after in the film industry.

Bachelor’s (1 year)
Bac +2 (2nd year) level
  • IT BTS (advanced technician certificate)
  • IT IUT (university institute of technology)
  • Maths foundation
  • 2nd year ARTFX
Master’s (2 years)
Bac +3 (3rd year) level
  • Undergraduate
  • Vocational training degree in IT or equivalent
or Lille

Course in French 🇫🇷
and English 🇬🇧
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A professional qualification
recognised by the State

The Master’s awards the qualification of “digital producer” (lev.7, equivalent Bac +5 (5th year)), registered in the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (national directory of professional certifications) on 14 September 2020

The ARTFX Bachelor’s degree is a school certificate not recognised by the State.

The academic year runs from October to mid-June

Video game students trained at ARTFX can effectively work as soon as they leave the school, and are comfortable with studio working methods. They also stand out for their ability to adapt, their knowledge of programming and their specialist expertise in their chosen field.
During their studies, students complete at least one internship lasting at least six weeks and benefit from masterclasses with partner studios/publishers.

Year 1 Bachelor’s

Speciality essentials

3D software training, film tool programming, 3D mathematics, introduction to real time tools, Python and C++ language

Bachelor’s level professional programme

  • Simulation and immersion in a special effects film project
  • Job dating
  • Internship six weeks minimum

Master’s admission preparation

  • Introduction to graphical programming
  • Introduction to AI
  • Software engineering
  • Real time/video game programming

Year 2 Master’s year 1


  • Advanced software engineering
  • Advanced graphical programming
  • Advanced mathematics
  • Deep learning/Machine learning
  • Introduction engine programming
  • Houdini special effects


  • Film R&D
  • Video game programming
  • Technical art

Project management

Software/game production

Internship six weeks

Year 3 Mastère année 2

End of studies project chosen:

  • Film R&D
  • Video game programming

Coaching in English

Presentation to a professional board

Professional meetings

Job Dating

Learning objective

ARTFX trains high-level programmers to join the R&D divisions of film industry studios or the development teams of the largest video game studios. With advanced programming skills, they are the link connecting the artistic and technical aspects of a project. At ARTFX, they put their knowledge into practice by working on the production of final year projects in 3D animation, special effects and video games. Project management and software engineering workshops give them the perspective required to make the right technical decisions so they can share their creative vision with their future employers.


  • Bachelor’s degree cycle:
  • Bac +2 (2nd year) lev. qualification in IT (BTS, IUT) or maths foundation or 2nd year at ARTFX
  • Master’s degree cycle:
  • Qualification or equivalent Bachelor’s degree/Vocational degree in IT

Tuition fees

Film programming cursus


Software used/Languages studied

  • Maya
  • Unreal
  • Arnold
  • Houdini
  • Unity
  • Nuke
  • C++
  • Python

Careers and main occupations studied

Major international studios are in very high demand. In 2021, all our students have received multiple offers in prestigious studios such as Cinesite and Raynault VFX.
In the video game industry, this exciting position is essential and opens up many international opportunities.

At the end of the Bachelor’s cycle:
•Pipeline TD film
At the end of the Master’s degree:
•Film developer
•Technical artist
•Gameplay programmer
•Programmer tools
•Technical director
•Graphics programmer

Examples of productions

Work and talent


After completing the Technical Director programme at ARTFX, I was quickly recruited at Gearbox Software in Quebec City, where I have the privilege of working as a Technical Artist on various AAA games like Borderlands.
The Technical Director course enabled me to prepare and meet all the expectations of studios and recruiters.

Lucas Dzuira Technical Artist Gearbox Software – Promo 2020

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