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Gain recognition for your years of experience by obtaining recognized professional qualification.


French law, under Article L. 6411-1 of the Labor Code, stipulates that anyone, regardless of age, nationality, status or level of training, can apply for validation of acquired experience (VAE) by providing proof of experience directly related to the certification in question. The El Khomri law of August 8, 2016 specifies that the minimum duration of activity required for the validation application to be admissible is one year, whether or not the activity has been carried out continuously.

It is possible to obtain the title of Digital Director issued by ARTFX through validation of acquired experience (VAE) by having one’s salaried or non-salaried activity in the digital image field recognized. ARTFX has set up a VAE support program to provide methodological assistance to VAE candidates.

Financing: to find out how to finance your VAE, visit vae.gouv.

Disabled people: our premises are accessible to people with reduced mobility. For all other disabilities, please contact: to find out about possible accommodations, support or guidance.

Consult the official government website.

What qualifications can the ARTFX school award?

The ARTFX school is accredited to deliver the title of “Digital Director” (NSF code 323n) registered on September 14, 2020 in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP). As such, ARTFX is listed among the VAE certifying bodies. The title of Digital Director, level 7 (equivalent to Bac+5) is recognized at European level.

The process

How much does VAE cost?

Contact us.

Apply for VAE

Download the form here

Complete the document and return it to contact [at], together with all supporting documents. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the admissibility of your application.

Please note: VAE examinations at ARTFX take place at the same time as professional student assessment panels, between May and June. You will not be able to choose dates other than those decreed by ARTFX. For 2022, your application must be received no later than September 2021.

As a holder of a Bachelor's degree in animation, the VAE obtained via ARTFX enabled me to have my professional experience recognized so as to gain easier access to supervisory positions. (VAE beneficiary)

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