Cyprien Caillot (Promo 2019) – Pipeline TD – MR.X

After ArtFx, I was recruited by Oblique and then by Mr. X in Montreal, where I currently have the privilege of working on the studio’s pipeline, creating special effects for projects such as The Shape Of Water (The Shape Of Water) and the Vikings series. The Technical Director training helped me meet all the expectations of professional studios. During my training, I was able to practice my programming skills while linking them to the needs of special effects software. Today, I am very proud to be involved in creating tools for Mr.X Studios based in Toronto, Montreal, Bangalore and Los Angeles.

Thomas Anglade (Promo 2018) – 3D Animator – Nwave Digital

After my 5th year graduation I quickly found a job as a 3D animator. I first worked at Supamonks Paris on the Frutti and Veggie TV show for few months. Given the series format, the rhythm was very intense, but instructive. The studio required excellent quality for TV broadcasting so I had to revise my animation techniques so they would be more dynamic and fluid. Then, I joined Nwave Digital in Brussels where I’m currently animating on the feature film Son of Bigfoot 2. Thanks to the previous studio, I quickly adapted to the production. To appreciation for the work I had done, they gave me bigger shots with main characters. Working on a feature film has taught me a lot, both around working on small details and organizing my work. For the next few years to come, I intend to discover different types of animation by going to several studios. Then, I will choose to specialize in the animation style that suits me best. Eventhough I’m currently doing a feature length animation film maybe later I’ll work on VFX movies. Who knows?

Charles Chorein (Promo 2006) – Superviseur 3D – Double Negative

I am currently a 3D supervisor at Double Negative in London. Since crossing the channel in 2010, I have worked on movies like Harry Potter, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prometheus, Terminator and The Jungle Book. My role in creating a film is to make sure teams can work in the best possible conditions, and deliver the project on time. I also had the chance to join Weta Digital, one of the best special effects studios in the world, to work on Hobbit 3 as Lighting TD. ArtFX allowed me to discover all the trades surrounding the creation of a film within the VFX world. When you enter this environment, it is difficult to know exactly what you want to do. ArtFX not only allows you to find your first position as soon as you complete your studies, it also helps you find the job of your dreams.

Gérald Blaise (Promo 2006) – Lead modeller & 3D Concept artist – ILM San Francisco

Since 2015, I have had a full-time, permanent position at Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco. I conceptualize in 3D all objects related to mechanics and industrial design (vessels, robots, vehicles etc.). I have worked with internationally renowned artists on the last Star Wars VIII, for which I designed ships and transformers. I have also had the chance to collaborate on the movie Terminator 2: Out Of THE Shadows. After ArtFX, I started Mikros Image as a 3D Generalist. Then, I was hired at MPC to work on Harry Potter and other projects like Prometheus, X-Men First Class, World War Z, and Man Of Steel. Next, I joined the MPC concept department where I worked on robot and weapon designs for Guardian of the Galaxy and X-men Days of Future Past. I also worked for Double Negative on spaceships for Interstellar (Academy Award winner for Best Special Effects), the design of the “T-3000” in Terminator Genisys, or the Assassin’s Creed video game. ArtFX is the best curriculum that can be found to prepare for a career in visual effects. The proof: studios from around the world come to the ArtFx every year to recruit new graduates.

Thomas Mouraille (Promo 2006) – Senior Lead Matte Painter – Weta digital

After my first experience at Mikros Images as a 3D Generalist, I was hired by MPC London as a Digital Matte Painter and Environment TD for Harry Potter 7, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, etc. and then as a Lead for World War Z and Guardians of the Galaxy. Currently, I am Senior Lead Matte Painter at Weta Digital in New Zealand. I have a wide assortment of projects! I mainly recreate full CG environments and scenery extensions. Right now, I’m working on Avengers: Anthony’s Infinity Wars and Joe Russo (to be released in 2018). Recently, I had the chance to work on the movie War For the Planet of the Apes. I was in charge of the snowy mountains for the final battle. On the last Luc Besson film, Valerian, I worked on several sets including the Airlock Aliens set at the beginning of the film. I sincerely believe that ArtFX offers the best current training for the VFX field. That’s the first key to success. The second key is being passionate about your work!

Simon Rafin (Promo 2007) – Lead Compositor / 3D Artist – ILM Singapour

As soon as I graduated, I started working at Mikros on Logorama, which won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Then, I joined MacGuff and began working on Despicable Me. Next, MPC London recruited me to work on several films over the course of four years. My London connections allowed me to land a contract at Double Negative, where I worked on several films including Man of Steel. From there the offers just kept rolling in. Today, I am in the Singapore branch of the Industrial Light and Magic studios. This opportunity has allowed me to contribute my Compositing skills to films like Warcraft and Star Wars (The Force Awakens). As part of my personal evolution, I have also participated in the creative process for the projects that I have worked on. My filmography: Star Wars Episode VII – VIII, Warcraft, Harry Potter, Man of Steel, and Thor II.

Antoine Goncalves (Promo 2007) – Superviseur environment – Folks VFX

I was part of the ArtFx’s 1st graduation class. Starting in my 2nd year at ArtFx, in was close contact with software developers so I learned to look for new techniques and to be more adaptable. Since 2007, I have had many experiences around the world! After 3 years in Paris, I worked as a matte painter and environment artist at MPC on the films Prometheus and World War Z. Then I was hired at Framestore for Gravity. In 2011, I joined the prestigious ILM studio in Singapore to work on Star Trek Into Darkness. Following that, after a stint at the video game studio Quantic Dream, I moved to Montreal to be a CG generalist specializing in matte painting and environments for almost 2 years (Gods of Egypt, Wacraft, Valerian, Tarzan …) at Rodeo FX. I just finished a 10-month project at Cinesite Animation as Lead Matte Painter and Environment Artist. While there, I supervised a team of 8 people for an animated film. Currently, I’m starting a new adventure as an Environment Supervisor at Folks VFX, which specializes in developing Netflix series.

Simon Besombes (Promo 2008) – 3D Artist – CDProjekt Red

When I finished my studies, I immediately went into my favorite sector, video games. Over the years, I have worked  for Grin in Sweden, Codemasters and Climax in England, and occasionally as a freelancer. Since 2012, I have been working at CD Projekt RED in Poland, which is one of the best RPG (Role Playing Game) developers in the business.  I’m listed in the credits for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (over 6 million copies sold) and on its upcoming extensions. Currently, I am working on their new project : Cyberpunk 2077.

Julien Trouchet (Promo 2009) – Co-supervisor Compositing – Illumination Mac Guff

Two years after leaving school, my career evolved very quickly so I had the chance to be Lead Compositor on Thor (BUF) and a VFX technician on the set of Smurfs 2. I was in London at MPC for a bit as a Senior Compositor on Red 2 and Maleficient. Then, I joined the Illumination Mac Guff studio where I was a Lead Compositor on Despicable Me 3. I worked closely with the TDs to develop compositing techniques in the studio department. Today, I’m a co-supervisor in Composing at Illumination Mac Guff and I’m working on Yarrow Cheney’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In this position, I manage the Lead and give the artistic and technical directions for each shot before presenting the shot to the director. More than just technical training, ArtFX provided me with the mindset and methodologies needed for working within the cinema world.

Alexandre Lerouge (Promo 2010) – FX artist – Mathematic Studios

I am an FX artist at Mathematic and I mainly work in Houdini.  I also develop pipeline / workflow tools for the company. At BUF studio, I supervised a team of 12 people for a 3-minute, full CG commercial (Sea Hero Quest), which was completed in less than 3 months.  This was an intense and enriching experience. These days, I’m working on the final FX for a high profile commercial for EDF, next I will work on two other important marketing campaigns: BMW (presentation of a new model) and Total. ArtFX taught me to be proactive in looking for solutions. That is of the utmost importance when working in studios.

Bastien Muller (Promo 2011) – CG supervisor – Mathematic

After ArtFX, I joined the Framestore studio in 2014 to do a few years in lighting, specifically on Prometheus and Paddington. Then, I became more of a Generalist around environments. On Blade Runner 2049, I worked on the whole sequence at the beginning of the film: from the flyover of the abandoned solar fields to the farms. I was in charge of building the CG sets as well as developing the lighting plans and creating models of certain elements. Today, I am CG supervisor at Mathematic in their brand new studio in Montreal. I am responsible for full 3D environments, lookdev and lighting. I also do modeling, texturing or layout depending on the studio’s needs. ArtFX provided me with a solid understanding of the business side of CG and VFX. I was able to grasp the huge number of specializations specific to these fields and their links with the more “traditional” cinema jobs. If you are choosing this path, the most important thing you must do is stay curious about learning. This is an industry that evolves extremely fast and where learning must be part of one’s everyday life, regardless of age, experience, or education.

Arnaud Lamoureux (Promo 2011) -­ Pipeline TD – Mikros Image

After ArtFX, I joined Studio 100 Animation as a Pipeline TD. Then, I was recruited by Mikros Image, to work on the feature film Asterix, The Domain of the Gods. I took care of setup, rigging and pipeline on other 3D animation projects: Sherlock Gnomes, Captain Underpants, etc. I also spent 2 years at Ubisoft on the series Raving Rabbids. For every production, graphic designers and animators need tools and tailor-made solutions to adapt software to very specific tasks. My role is to put in place a production methodology that is as efficient as possible. What I find exciting in my job is to be able to combine intellectual research with technological research.

Béranger Maurice (Promo 2012) – CG animator – Method Studios

Since January 2016, I have been working in Vancouver, Canada, at Method Studios. I am a CG animator and I have had the chance to work on Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardian of The Galaxy vol. 2, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and Captain America: Civil War. After ArtFX, I quickly started working as a Lead Animator on the feature film Minuscule in the studio 2D-3D. I was responsible for animating different types of characters as well as 3D cameras: this was a great professional opportunity for me. I then worked as a CG Animator at MPC London on The Jungle Book (Academy Award winner for Best Visual Effects).

Valentin Tuil (Promo 2013) – Compositing Artist – Mathematic Studio

One week after graduating, I started working as a Compositing Artist, mainly on advertisements, at Nightshift. I then moved to TEAMTO for 6 months to work on Les Lapins Crétins Invasion.  Next, I was contacted by Illumination Mac Guff to work on the famous Despicable Me. Over the years, I have collaborated on exciting international projects and worked in very good conditions. I even spent a month in Benuts, Belgium, working on two French feature films with Jean Dujardin and Virginie Effira, among others. During this period, I also doubled as a freelance supervisor for several projects. Since June 2017, I have been utilizing my skills as a Compositing Artist at Mathématic Studio. My training at ArtFX allowed me to acquire the techniques necessary for this sector. And, thanks to my diverse professional experiences, I have been able to evaluate the reputation of ArtFx alumni: It is excellent!


Marie-Charlotte Derne (Promo 2014) – FX TD – Weta Digital

After graduation, I was recruited by Ubisoft Motion Pictures in Montreuil. After that, everything moved very quickly:  I was recruited by MPC Montréal to work on the blockbusters, Fast and Furious 7 (2015), Batman versus Superman (2016), The Finest Hours (2016), Monster Truck (2017) Independence Day: Resurgence (2016), and Suicide Squad (2016).  I am currently working in the FX department at WETA Digital on diverse projects, like Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 and The Avengers: Infinity War. So far, the most exciting and remarkable experiences I have had were in 2015 while I was working on Superman versus Batman at MPC in Vancouver. I really appreciated the rigor of this organization, their team spirit, their inter-departmental collaborations, and the freedom of creation they allowed us during the production of the film. The training I received at ArtFx thoroughly prepared me for the requirements of working in a professional studio: dealing with professional ethics and team behaviors within a hierarchical structure.  At ArtFx, I learned how to properly present myself and my work. The scenarios created by the different projects we were given made it possible for me to envision myself in a variety of areas connected to this field. The skills I developed at school have opened so many doors! This field is constantly evolving and there are so many ways to express oneself so there is room for anyone who wants to be a part of it. Creative or technically-oriented people don’t need to worry about their starting level. ArtFx’s magic touch gives all of its alumni the opportunity to work for the studio of their dreams so don’t hesitate. Go for it!

Taiga Ishibashi (Promo 2014) – CG Compositing & Nuke TD – Mathematic Studios

I am currently a CG Generalist specializing in composition and a Nuke TD at Mathematic Studios in Paris. What I’m pretty proud of today is to see the my name appearing in the credits of music videos, like Snoop Dogg’s So Much Pros, Coldplay’s A Lifetime Adventure, and Beck’s Up All Night. I got this job just 2 weeks after finishing my studies at ArtFX! The training at ArtFx prepared me technically, artistically, personally and professionally. I perfected my skills in latest software, widely used in the sector, and I really developed my creativity.

Marie Tricart (Promo 2014) – Digital Matte painter – Weta digital

I just finished a big project at Framestore studio. I had the chance to participate in the visual development, the conceptualization of certain sequences as well as the creation of matte paintings and environments for the last film of Denis Villeneuve, Blade Runner 2049. I was under the supervision of Richard Hoover (VFX supervisor) and Adrien Saint-Girons (CG supervisor). After spending the last few years freelancing, I recently moved to New Zealand to work at Weta Digital studio. Thanks to the contacts I made during the ArtFx graduation jury, I was able to get in touch with many studios, especially abroad, which allowed me to get my first job at Cinesite London as Matte Painter. ArtFX prepared me very well for this career. Once you finish your studies, all you need to do to be successful is to be passionate about creating images, to remain curious and to always question how you can evolve as an artist / technician in this field.

Kevin Mark-Bonein (Promo 2015) – FX et Concept artist – Ubisoft Montpellier

Once I finished my studies at ArtFx, I joined TAT studio in Toulouse to work as a concept artist on the 3D feature animation film The Jungle Bunch. Afterwards, I was hired by the video game company, Ubisoft, in Montpellier.  I have collaborated as a concept, texture and FX artist on numerous projects, like the new edition of Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures. I am currently working on the most recent games to be developed at the studio: Beyond Good and Evil 2. These days, it is with great pleasure that I am also able to return to ArtFx from time to time to work with the students in their final year of the video games program. I supervise their graduation projects. It’s very interesting to be in a position where I can address students concerns about becoming professional artists now that I am one!

Jessie Hereng (Promo 2015) – FX Artist – One Of Us

Right after finishing my studies, I joined Mathematic Studios to work on commercials as FX artist. I created smoke and water simulations. Six months later, I was contacted by One Of Us to work on a beautiful project, the film by Alejandro González Iñárritu, The Revenant. I was in charge of creating FX on the meteorite of the dream sequence. I was doing simulations, lighting and shading with Houdini, Pyro Fx and Mantra. Still at One of Us in London, I have been in charge of the concept, look development, simulations, modeling, shading, lighting, FX design or texturing on feature films, such as Life, Assassin’s Creed, Mars, Doctor Strange …

Nicolas Sauval (Promo 2015) – FX TD – Framestore

I started working on the Mario Maker advertisement at One More Production right after graduation. They trusted me right away so I started out as a CG Generalist then chose to specialize in FX. Following that, I went to Mathematics where I also started as a Generalist and finished as an FX Artist. I was part of small teams where I had important roles with responsibilities and direct contact with the director. That is rather rare. Next, I had my first full-time position as an FX Artist at Mac Guff Line on the big-budget feature film The Warrior’s Gate. Afterwards, I was recruited as an Artist Fx by Unity Image. They were mainly recruiting talent for a trailer of the For Honor video game produced by Ubisoft, and another Final Fantasy feature film project. The next move took me to Framestore, in London, where I worked on the feature film Dr Strange. My latest project is the new Kingsman: The Golden Circle movie, which was released in 2017. So far, it has been a fast and fulfilling journey at the heart of major productions.


Rudy Langoux (Promo 2016) – FX TD – RodeoFX Montréal

I am currently working in Montreal at RodeoFX as an FX TD. I just spent the last 6 months working on season 7 of the most popular series in the world: Game of Thrones. I was responsible for the FX on different episodes in season 7. I am very proud to have been at the heart of a huge project like this. It was an amazing experience. The coming months promise to be just as exciting, since I’ll be working on different films that will come out in 2018. Since graduating from ArtFX, I have had the chance to work in different studios around the world, like Mathematic (Paris), The Mill (London) and RodeoFX (Munich and Montreal). At school, I gained a solid foundation in 3D, and learned how to work in teams while anticipating and solving problems quickly. Those are fundamental skills for working on ambitious projects within international studios.