Game of Thrones

Long ago, in a forgotten time, a force destroyed the balance of the seasons. In a land where summer can last for many years and winter for a lifetime, sinister and supernatural forces lurk at the gates of the Seven Crowns. The brotherhood of the Night’s Watch, protecting the realm from any creature that may come from beyond the protective Wall, no longer has the resources to keep everyone safe. After a ten-year summer, a harsh winter descends upon the Kingdom with the promise of a bleak future. Meanwhile, plots and rivalries play out across the continent to seize the Iron Throne, the symbol of absolute power.

Nos alumni au générique
  • Pauline Costantini
    Modeling & Texture Artist
  • Quentin Medda
    Texture Artist
  • Emeline Doumange
    Digital Compositor
  • Antoine Petitgrand
    Lighting Artist
  • Rudy Langoux
    FX TD
  • Estelle Lagarde
    Environment Artist

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